Professor Walker brings over thirty years of experience as a manager, teacher, minister, leader, scholar, and educational administrator in public and social sectors. His formal education has been in the disciplines of physical education, sports administration, theology, education, educational administration, and philosophy. Keith Walker has earned national and international awards for his research work. In addition to his research work with senior educational administrators in K-12 and tertiary education, In recent years, he has worked a great deal in the areas of building the learning community and the institutionalization of change. Professor Walker is currently working on a number of manuscripts dealing with subjects such as leadership perspectives on hope, building trust, school board governance, university presidents’ responses to the new economy, adult education policy, building appreciative schools and diligent leadership. Professor Walker has co-authored a book on leadership for Pacific Islanders with Dr. Kabini Sanga, books and articles on experiential learning and mentorship with Dr. Edwin Ralph and books on ethics and leadership with Dr. Kent Donlevy . Dr. Walker has been visiting professor at Centre for School Leadership at the University of British Columbia, at Azusa Pacific University in California, Exeter University, and University of Victoria in Wellington.